Stolen Harvest


Fundacja "Lux Veritatis"


Witold Ludwig

Director Of Photography:

Julian Kucaj


Julian Kucaj

Color Grading:

Monika Jakutowicz

DI Supervisor:

Mateusz Budnik

During World War I, Russian troops rampage in the vicinity of Tarnów. Sixteen-year-old Karolina Kózkówna dies a martyr's death in defense of her faith. Her father blames himself for the death of his beloved daughter. The story of the heroes is complemented by Teresa, who carries a secret in her heart about the rape committed by Cossack Sorokin. What will be the fate of the disgraced Teresa? Where lies the meaning of the martyrdom of Blessed Karolina? Will the father reconcile with the loss of his beloved daughter? The film carries a message about the meaning of suffering, the victory of love over hatred, and the news that faith in Jesus Christ can continually transform the life of each of us.

Our contribution

media management | conforming | color correction | finishing | mastering/deliveries