Spider’s Web


House Media Company, TVN


Łukasz Jaworski

Director Of Photography:

Witold Płóciennik


Andrzej Kowalski

Color Grading:

Milena Wielgo

DI Supervisor:

Mateusz Budnik

The action of the series takes place on two time levels: in 1978 and 2010. It is based on the development of its own nuclear program by Poland at the height of the prosperity in Gierek. Kornelia Titko is a brave scientist endowed with an extraordinary memory. Her parents died prematurely and her older sister died in a car accident. The protagonist's mother, Teresa Titko, was an outstanding nuclear physicist; in the Gierek nuclear program, she played the role of the right hand of its creator, general-professor Grzegorz Giedrowicz. Years later, a mysterious man appears in Cornelia's life, claiming that he was once accused of murdering her sister. The heroine begins a private investigation.

Our contribution

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