WMW Film


Michał Węgrzyn

Director Of Photography:

Wojciech Węgrzyn


Michał Biliński

Color Grading:

Monika Jakutowicz

DI Supervisor:

Mateusz Budnik

A young TV presenter records a report in front of the Presidential Palace. He spends the evening playing with his two children in the living room. When his wife, Edyta, serves dinner, Adam receives a phone call from his personal trainer at the gym. After a brief argument with his wife, he leaves the house. In the car, in the parking lot, he is passionately greeted by a young woman - Rozi. After an intoxicating "workout" at the gym with his lover, Adam heads towards home, running along a bike path on the Warsaw ring road for about 15 kilometers. During the journey, he receives a series of phone calls, including one from the TV station publisher, who offers him an irresistible proposition, fulfilling his professional dream. His wife, discovering his affair, has a nervous breakdown and resorts to blackmail. Conversations with his mother lead Adam to question their relationship and his past life decisions. During the protagonist's long jog, he encounters a series of unexpected and dangerous situations. This run could change his life.

Our contribution

media management | conforming | color correction | finishing | mastering/deliveries