No way around deals


Combat Films Sp. z o.o.


Christoph Rurka

Director Of Photography:

Jarosław Żamojda


Marcin "KOT" Bastkowski

Color Grading:

Monika Jakutowicz

DI Supervisor:

Mateusz Budnik

A small entrepreneur Marek, struggles to make ends meet while trying to repay debts and loans taken out for his new business venture. When all of Marek and his wife's life plans – including their dream vacation in the Canary Islands – begin to crumble, Marek receives an offer he can't refuse. It's the position of the deputy minister in one of the state ministries. Along with the cozy job come influence, money, and countless offers of corruption and... matrimony. Will Marek, who is taking his first steps in the world of business and high politics, prove to be an honest citizen, or will his choices confirm the bitter rule that there's no avoiding deals...

Our contribution

media management | dailies | conforming | color correction | finishing | mastering/deliveries