Close Up


Maria Wieczorek, Krystian Wieczorek


Maria Wieczorek

Director Of Photography:

Artur Żurawski


Mateusz Kiełbowicz

Color Grading:

Monika Jakutowicz

DI Supervisor:

Mateusz Budnik

What would you do if you were blind and were given a chance to regain your sight? That's simple. But what if what you see is fabricated and implanted in the form of a lens? Of course, it's all up to you. The title "Close-Up" tells the story of Sam, a blind man who, due to a random incident in the park, decides to undergo a surgery to implant lenses, allowing him to see the world for the first time in his life. "Who were you?" Sam repeats every time he sees the mysterious Lily, thus asking the question of who he has become in this new world. A world created from scratch. Invented and programmed. A world where even the closeness between two people remains doubtful.

Our contribution

media management | camera tests | conforming | color correction | VFX | finishing | mastering/deliveries